Hey there? It’s been a while since since I’ve written a rambly random post so here is one.
Recently there have been some major changes in my life, especially with regards to college. They were unexpected but not unhappy.

So now I am left with a lot more time on my hands, that makes me ecstatic but I really need to learn to manage it well. I’m contemplating taking up a job, certainly not something full time though (I do wish we had the option of flexible hours here). But I don’t need to right away, & it’s no use if it’s not something I love. So I’m just indulging in some nice things for now ->
Some things I would really like to do with my free time:

1. Start to exercise; for the first time in my life!

I already have some flab & if possible I’d like to nip it in the bud. I don’t know where to start. How much, how often? I’m planning to at least start with skipping & take it from there.
2. Clean my room.

This has been a struggle. When we first moved in to this house I was so excited about having my own room, I put so much thought into decorating it. I called school friends over for sleepovers & they reminded me about how lucky I was to have a room of my own (they all shared rooms with siblings!). But I hardly stayed in it, as my dad is sailing most of the time I spend my hours in the master bedroom. So slowly my room became my place to store my things, & then other random things from the house & now it’s very crowded/messy. My dad, in complete exasperation has agreed to let me get a cat/hamster/bunny & much more, despite his disdain for animals, if only I clean it up & live there! He sometimes jokingly threatens me that he’ll rent the room out to a paying guests. Now I really do want to start cleaning the place up, get some more furniture in there, & organize the place. I will start on it soon.
3Rearrange / Redecorate our home.
This too has been long pending. Remember the rustic Bandra home from this post? I really really loved the Prayer Flags. I have always been a admirer of Tibetan Buddhism, & I love that these flags are not just decorative but are traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all. I had thought I’ll buy them if/when I go to Ladakh, but I gave in & ordered a big batch of Lungta style prayer flags from Nepal. I know they’re traditionally hung outdoors because wind has to get to them but I’m going to try to make them work indoors.
4. Cook more.
I love to bake, but our trust old oven-toaster-grill has gone on the fritz (it isn’t heating up enough! Stuff takes double the time to bake & still doesn’t turn out exactly right), & till we can replace it I will have to keep myself content with cooking, you know, on a stove.
5. Blog More Often.
Because it feels right. I have a lot to share with you, mostly photographs. Oh & while we’re on the topic of blogging, I’m looking for guest bloggers. Are you interested? Details here.

Also I’m a teeny bit bored with my beloved dslr Canon EOS 1000D / Rebel XS. I have my eye on the Canon 1100D (yay for movie recording) but that is not going to happen anytime soon, I think.

Now about TV- Is anyone reading this a Criminal Minds fan? (If not you may want to skip this paragraph) Do you remember when executives at CBS screwed up royally by dropping Paget Brewster, then rehiring her after fans really made a noise? Well it has emerged that Paget is leaving the show, this time for good, by her own free will. She had a early (memorable) stint in FRIENDS, & the reason she’s leaving is because she wants to purse comedy. I broke the news to my CM fan-friends on twitter & we were all upset because Emily Prentiss is such an amazing character, but of course if it’s really what Paget wan’t then the fans will always support her. 🙂
I’m super glad that Psych is back! (after two whole months & then some) I was waiting for the new episode & Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger (which guest starred Cary Elwes & John Rhys-Davies) didn’t disappoint.
And about Two and a Half Men. Since I’m a huge Dharma & Greg fan (& I don’t mind Big Bang Theory either) I really thought Chuck Lorre was a genius. I watched Two and a Half Men sporadically in the past but when Charlie Sheen was replaced I started to watch regularly, mainly out of curiosity. There isn’t much doubt that Ashton sucks as compared to Charlie Sheen but after watching two episodes back-to-back with so many pee & puke jokes I’m wondering whether the show always had this much toilet humor or is Chuck getting desperate? Your thoughts?

That is all.


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