I have this terrible tooth ache. It’s been bugging me since long time now.

Actually the tooth problem is quite complicated. It was a tooth that was just starting to get a cavity, but didn’t. The dentist drilled it a little bit, then filled it with an expensive acrylic cement. Now that same tooth is tingling. From the inside, though it looks perfectly fine on the outside. I just visited the dentist last month & she said all my teeth are fine! But I can’t ignore the tingling. What do I do? My friends are advising me to go to a different dentist & my current one just thinks I’m unusually paranoid about cavities. But i can’t ignore the tingling.

So I’m asking mom to call the dentist today, & I’ll hopefully get an appointment for later this week. So you can probably see why I’m not in a mood to blog. Just worried sick about my tooth! x