You know how I could become really rich quick?
If I was paid a dollar for every time I published a post, read it & went back & edited it because it had a typo (why else?)
It’s irritating. Because I’m not stupid. Or dyslexic. I was a spelling bee champ in school. Twice. (I’m not trying to show off, just saying!). And also because I’m always picking out spelling mistakes other people make (I will never forget about this one cousin who is supposed to be ‘really smart’ but listed ‘Desperate Housewifes’ as her favorite TV show on her profile on a social networking site)I keep asking myself why it happens. I’ve found some answers. Sometimes I’m blogging in a hurry. But that doesn’t explain it because I spend hours together at the computer.
Maybe because I’m a little bit of a hypocrite. A certain Bible verse comes to mind.
Actually, I think I know the real answer. Probably because I’m lazy. So lazy that I tell myself I have no need to read my own blog posts just after I write them. I might re-read them later. Or tomorrow.
Luckily for me, Mom the great comes to the rescue. She makes it a point to read my blog posts as soon as she knows I’ve published one & shows me all the typos. Nowadays I’ve taken to leaving my blogger account logged in so she can just correct them for me. Aren’t I lucky to have a mom like her? Thanks Mom! 🙂
Here’s a comic on typos. Enjoy!
(Please note that my typos ARE NOT intentional!)
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So, do you make a lot of typing errors too? Do you know why? I would love to hear about it!