I was just filling in some info on a social networking website when I started to think about it. One comes across this question very often ‘What are five things you can’t live without’
The aim of that question is to show the type of person that you are.

There are obviously many different types of answers to the said question.
Girly girls might write stuff like make-up, comb, a mirror.
Social types might list friends, cell phone. Sentimental types might name family- parents/a partner, whomever. Pet lovers might even add their pet’s to the list. Intellectuals would add books. Geeks would add their favorite gadgets.
My answers were- a camera, my laptop, an internet connection, a good book to read, & my spectacles!
Those were my answers because they said ‘things’. To me people aren’t things, so I didn’t list any humans.
But that got me thinking. Because these things have been tested. I have been on short breaks without my laptop, much less an internet connection. I have lived. I have been on month long holidays with just one or two hours of internet access. I have lived. I have always been a voracious reader, but nowadays I’m supposed to be with my text books a lot, so I turn to the computer in my free time. There are books I have purchased approximately 3 months ago, lying unread in my book cabinet. I’m living. And as for my spectacles, my eye problem is pretty small. Take away my spectacles, & I’d be distressed, but I’d still live.
See what I’m getting at? Almost all the things we consider essentials, (except food, water & oxygen) are the things we love. But take them away from us, life would be sad, but we’d still live! (Barring the suicidal types of course. I can’t relate to them because I’m a fighter.)
So the next time you are parted with things you love, despair, but not for long. Life goes on, it always will.