Don’t get me wrong, being 17 can be a lot of fun. But then it can be a pain too. Let me give you a little example.

It must have been three to four months ago when I happened to chance upon the trailer of the then-upcoming film ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on the internet somewhere. It seemed like an exciting film with a good star cast. But then even if it was just Robert Downey Jr. acting, I would have gone for it. Now don’t mistake me for some silly, hormonal teenager who is in love with the guy. In awe of him, maybe. Charmed by his acting, probably (He was great in Tropic Thunder!). But not in love with him.
So the moment I had watched the trailer I told my mom that I definitely would go to see the film. Then I downloaded the trailer, & watched it a few times (I do that, you know. I did it for This Is It too.)
I was somehow under the mistaken impression that the film would be releasing in March or April. Then somewhere early December I saw the trailer again. And in the little credit that appear at the end of film trailers, I suddenly saw something written, in bold letters- Coming Christmas Day. Whoops! I had got the date all wrong. My Prelims would be beginning on the 4th of January, & there was no way I way I could see the film when it released (It’s Christmas Day, for God’s sake!) & the chances were bleak of me seeing it later, it would have probably gone out of most major theaters by them. Sigh. But I soon forgot about it with my exams preparations & all. Then on one of my exam days, I went to see a film with Mom at a major multiplex. And I saw a huge poster, Sherlock Holmes- in theaters January 8th. (so typical na, films releasing late in India?) Still, I was happy, I would get to see it!
So yesterday some friends & me went to check out the timings of the film at a local theater. It had 7 screens, so we took it for granted that it would be showing in one or maybe two of the screens. But no! Avatar & Paranormal Activity were showing, but not Sherlock Holmes! I resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t see it.
But then I opened the latest copy of my favorite magazine. And it had Movie Reviews. And Sherlock Holmes has 3/5 stars! I know the reviewer could be harsh, so I also knew that it was a good rating. That’s when mom told me that a friend of her’s saw that even the Gujarati paper had given it a 3 star rating. So there I was, magazine in front of me, making plans about when we should go for it. When I saw the horrible things- the bold letter A surrounded by a circle- the dreaded A rating! (Adults only).
See where I’m getting at? Just three months till my eighteenth birthday. Three measly months.
I am not giving up yet. I’m even going with Mom, so that they will be a little placated. But the problem is, everybody tells me I look way younger than I am. In normal circumstances, that would be a complement.
I’m still thinking of strategies. Planning to go on Thursday. But my tattoo will still be healing, & I’m not supposed to leave home for a week. But I don’t care. I still want to see it.
I WANT WANT WANT TO SEE IT! *stomps feet*
I’m thinking of many strategies. Like if I wear a tank top & show them my back tattoo will they be convinced that I’m over 18?

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Have you ever got this frustrated? x