Growing up, Lucy Lawless always was my favorite actress.
Lucy as Xena.
I remember thinking that she was the best actress in the world, she was so good at fighting & martial arts (I didn’t know about stunt doubles or Zoe Bell at the time) & wanting to be like her (This is when I was six or seven). She was my absolute hero
During her celebrity duet days.
Watching Xena, I knew that a girl could do anything she wanted. That girls could not only be equal to, but better than men. Growing up in a place like India with all the soap operas (both Indian & international Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhu Bahu Thi & The Bold & The Beautiful were my mom’s favorites & I was subjected to them daily) where women’s major tv rolls were as scheming daughters-in-law plotting revenge on their evil mothers-in-law or repeatedly having affairs & jumping into bed with one man, then later his father, then his brother, Xena obviously meant a lot to me & influenced me in many ways (more than I can put into words).
Lucy as Lucretia in Spartacus.
Then I grew up. 
Just because I didn’t want to be an actress any more doesn’t mean I respected or admired her any less. She was still my hero.
I remember cheering her on when she took part in Celebrity Duets… coming second was pretty damn good!
Over the years I’ve watched a few films over & over, just because she has a bit part it them! I do that the same for tv show episodes she guest stars in. (I thought Lucy’s role in Bedtimes Stories was stupid. But her role in Euro Trip rocked!)
And now we can all watch her in Spartacus, & I’m happy again!
Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope to see you some day! 🙂