Cleaning time!

As I have mentioned before, I am not really a cleanliness freak & dread thorough house cleaning. It was something that had to be done (at home) and I kept putting it off daily, making stupid, silly excuses. I kept postponing the inevitable (that’s one my my bad habits that I should work at ridding myself from!) Anyway, today it could not be postponed any longer so we got to it. Mom did most of it, & I helped a little bit with the windows. But the thing is, I wonder why I dread it so much? It can be very therapeutic, & the feeling after it’s all done is wonderful!
And you guys must have obviously noticed the new template. I liked the old one, but it was kinda bugging me in some little ways. Everything about this one’s perfect! I can’t stick to one template for too long, I start to feel… redundant. But I feel lovely now! 🙂 
Ah, I’m happy!