Why did it have to end like this? WHY?
As you people already know, I spend a lot of my time these days watching old Xena episodes. I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable way to pass the time.
But I just watched the ‘Friend in Need’ episodes again. (Those two episodes are the series finale.)
This must be just the fourth time I’m watching them (as compared to all the other episodes which I’ve seen multiple times.)
Though I used to watch Xena during it’s original run in India (that was a year or so behind the run in the US), I had somehow never caught the finale. So I got hold of the series. I still remember the first time I saw ‘Friend in Need’. It was around 2 years ago. My parents were in Goa, & I was alone at home. I hadn’t read spoilers anywhere, so I had no clue what was gonna happen. I was horrified. I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. I cried for hours. 
Every time I watch it, I think the pain will be less than it was the last time. But it never is. I still cry for over an hour, & it still hurts so much. Sometimes it even sounds silly to me, & I tell myself, For God’s Sake! It’s just a TV Series!
And next year it’s gonna be an entire decade since it ended! Let it go Magali…
But my heart doesn’t want to listen. That show just meant so much to me. Through the series finale, I know exactly how it feels to have your heart broken. There’s a physical ache in your chest, it’s not just romanticized talk. It really didn’t deserve to end like that.
I had a very weird dream, not more than a week ago. In it I saw mom & me watching an advertising on TV about how Xena was coming back for two more seasons, 7 & 8, & in the dream I’m asking mom how that could happen as both main actresses are considerably older now. I awoke from the dream feeling completely exhilarated, only to realize it was just a dream. *sigh*
We Xena fans know that there was once a Xena movie in development, but it never did work out. We also know that Lucy Lawless said she would love to reprise her role for the film. (She said that just three months ago!) We also know that Rob Tapert said that (one of the executive producer of Xena: warrior princess & Lucy Lawless’ husband) said that there was no chance for a Xena movie- at least not with Lucy & Renee. He thinks that there could probably be a Xena movie in ten or twenty years, but it would obviously be with different people (like the Charlie’s Angels films based on the TV show.) Still, even if a film does happen years later, I will go & watch it. The special effect will probably be amazing, everything will be glossier, but I don’t think it will capture the magic of the original. I don’t think anything ever will.