Yesterday was fun… It started with a delicious lunch consisting of coastal cuisine at a cosy little restaurant with a couple of family friends. (noticed the alliterations?) Don’t remember when I last ate that much!
This was followed by yet another visit to the bookstore, mainly for the benefit of the lunch host, who was visiting from overseas & wanted to pick up a few books. Yet, I couldn’t resist.
Anyway, the book shopping was followed by some great outdoor photography.
And now, a gratuitous picture of me from that day.
Me with my Canon EOS 1000D.
Taken by mommy dearest with my Nokia 7210 cell phone camera. 
Ahh, these are happy days. I fished out a cross-stitch picture, unfinished since May 2009, & I hope to complete it over the summer.
Oh & I almost forgot to mention, dad should be back on my birthday! (keyword being should. *touches wood*)