Day 1 – Mumbai Metro: Work in Progress.

UPDATE: I’m proud to say that my project 365 blog can be found at !

Remember a few posts ago I mentioned something new I was up to but didn’t wanna unveil it yet? I’m ready to let it out of the box now.

Day 10 –  Death can be
Beautiful too!

Have you heard of Project 365? If you haven’t shame on you!
It’s basically a photography project where you post one photo a day. Every day. For an entire year. And the photo had to have been taken that day itself. (It’s like a picture diary for an entire year!)

Day 8 – Let there be light

And I didn’t keep this all a secret earlier because I was being secretive or anything. It’s just that I did research before I started. And it’s hard. Really hard. I’ve seen people skipping days or just stopping at day 43. Or sometimes they just post old pictures.

When I took it up, I knew it would be difficult. But also terribly rewarding. But I was scared I would stop in the initial days itself. I honestly don’t know whether I’ll make it till the and. But I’m prepared to try.
You can check out the project 365 blog here: Day by Day.
 It’s been 10 days now & I figured it’s time to let the cat out of the bag!
So that’s that.
Wish me luck!