I’m not sure when exactly I first got the urge to have a pen pal. Probably when I was in primary school & was discovering the fact that I loved writing.

And the urge kept re-emerging over the years. I took to the internet, but no matter how much I googled (with different keywords!) all I got was shady looking websites with even shadier looking users.

But just a few days ago I was blog hopping & I came across a wonderful blog where I found something called The Penpal Project. Just leaving a comment on the post can get you a penpal!
After all this social media & blog this & twitter that, it would be great to have a friend to actually write to.
I’ve already been matched up, my Penpal is Alexis & she lives in the US.

I am just so excited and nervous about this whole thing! So head on over there if you want to get a real penpal (Do it only if you’re serious!)
I’ve yet to exchange any letters (as a matter of fact I haven’t even thought about what to write.) But I feel oh-so-optimistic & happy about this!
I only hope mail doesn’t get lost in transition:


Footnote [Dec 4th 2011]: Sadly I got a lot of spam due to putting my email out in the open on a post like that. Also again my penpal & me exchanged a few letters but then we just stopped, we both got busy with life I guess?
Anyway if you read the bottom of the Penpal project post you will see that now there is a google group if you’re interested in being a part of it. I think it was a wonderful experience & I would definitely recommend it.