Ahh so I have decided to finally blog of this little complicated emotional atyachaar that happened to me & my friend waaaaaaay back during our first year in college (that’s a year and a half ago!)
So before I start this story I have to explain the entire setting to you guys.
The first year of college is weird. Especially if you’re an introvert (like me) who is not too quick to make friends. By the middle of the year I had just started talking to two girls, let’s call them A & B. And by the end of the year A,B & me had become very close friends and a lot of people were already jealous (why can’t they just be happy for one another?)
So anyway now let’s revisit the day before PGate as I’d like to call this incident (it’s obviously a jab at watergate but I call it that for more reasons & you’ll find out soon!)
So anyway I ended up at college the day before & find that both A & B aren’t there! Soon I find out from another person (let’s call her P) that the reason A & B haven’t told me about them bunking is because they were up to some *ahem ahem* less-than-desirable activities & they knew I wouldn’t approve. (As wild as I seem, I am the ‘sensible’ & ‘level-header’ member of the group! No jokes there…
So there I was, distressed over the potential bad decisions my two friends were making, when P decides to swoop in literally fill me hear with all sorts of tales about how ‘cheap’ and ‘spoiled’ B is. And I just sat there completely dumbstruck wondering who the hell I’m friends with & why hasn’t she told me all this yet? I didn’t know it then but that was the first part of the emotional atyachaar that was gonna be inflicted in PGate. It was inflicted on me by P.
Next day (i.e. D Day, that is day of PGate) the two absconders  A & B got back to college. I though I would try to forget all that P had told me, but the nature of the matter she had told me was so disturbing that I needed to know if it was true. As luck would have it, P was conveniently absent that day.
So I confronted B. And I got to know that about 90% of the stuff P told me were complete lies, 8% was highly exaggerated truths & 2% was the truth. And P had bitched about me to her too! By now I knew what type of a person P was, & was angry but I didn’t let it bother me too much. Immediately after that we had an English oral exam so we couldn’t bunk. And we were forced to sit apart according to our groups. By this time B was very very angry (did I mention that when she’s angry she goes a little crazy?)
So B was bursting with anger & just wanted to blast P (just imagine the amount of emotional atyachaar inflicted on her!) She sent me the same angry text twice or thrice during the lecture just because I didn’t receive it as soon as she sent it.
After that lecture it was recess time! B said she wanted to go & confront P right that moment (P happened to live just 5 minutes away and it was time to inflict some emotional atyachaar on her too!)
And then it happened- B turned & charged. And A & Me followed trying to stop her. She was walking fast. We were jogging/running. Yet we couldn’t keep up. Then we got out the college gates. And saw crazy kung fu guy. Read this little comic strip (drawn by me!)

Done my me in Photoshop (Be nice, it’s the first time I’ve drawn on a computer!)
I really should have added a fourth panel with the kung fu guy lying flat on his back saying, “f@#*, man!”

So for those of you that didn’t figure it out, we saw a dude who was eager to showoff to his friends a kick he learned. So he kicked straight ahead with one leg and all his might. He jumped when he kicked, so his other leg flew and this ended like  a really bad drop kick because he feel flat on his back.
B missed the whole thing because she was so busy charging (like a bull, you know).
Well I know this has been long, we’re almost at the end.
We landed up at P’s place & asked her to step out cause we didn’t want this going doing in front of her mom as she doesn’t keep too well. Of course P not only sensed something was amiss but was afraid for her life & refused to leave her house. She lived on the second floor, so we had to confront her from her balcony & there were a lot of heated words & abuses exchanged. Then we got thrown out of her building by the watchman for making too much noise (hence the name PGate, her windows were very close to the gate!)
And we left, satisfied that we, too, had inflicted emotional atyachaar on her.
And that the end of my little story. I don’t think any of us involved will forget it for our entire lives. And I don’t think this little post was able to do PGate any justice. Still, I tried.