Today it happened again. What, you ask? Let me tell you- People (classmates) noticing my tattoo, coming up and then asking about it (the usual questions: what is it, how big is it, where did you get it, how much did you pay…)
Then I answer all their questions. Then their jaw drops, and they tell me something on the lines of ‘We didn’t figure you for the type.’ or ‘You don’t look the type.’
And that got me thinking. Don’t we all judge tattooed people? Freakish, Slutty, Cheap, whatever; we each have our names. (I agree that the choice of design & placement does make a difference.) Most people equate tattoos with either gangs or having no morals. I agree it’s not mainstream fashion, but it’s still better than you wearing those god-awful D&G knockoff Sunglasses. And that’s the older school of thought. The younger people think that tattoos are very cool, and are only to be sported by die hard rockers and/or hip hop musicians. And maybe celebrities. And if you have tattoos, you must be a cool pot smoking, chucks wearing person who hangs out at all the coolest pubs/discotheques.
Many people ask me why I don’t have a tattoo in a very visible place. I tell them I that I don’t want to just flaunt my tattoos, I like to have the option of concealing them if I wish to. And it sure is amusing to see how people react to my tattoos! I like to be able to shatter people’s fixed opinions about certain matters!