I play this a lot now-a-days. 
My exams got over a week ago… & ever since them I have been enjoying life. 

Eating. Sleeping. Watching my favorite TV Shows. Then eating some more. Then sleeping some more. Shopping sometimes. Mostly sitting at my Mac reading blogs & incessantly playing FrontierVille & sometimes Scrabble on Facebook.
And I was enjoying this joblessness so much that I actually forgot to blog. No I’m lying. Of course I didn’t forget, I was just lazy!
And right now as I’m typing this, I’m playing scrabble with a really sweet Mexican guy, learning about painters & festivals. Who said Facebook was a waste of time?
Anyway, a few updates. During my exams I went to watch Robot at a multiplex near home. 
We were just passing the multiplex & I told my mom I wanted to see what Rajni is like for myself (my reasoning was that he must be great because people actually worship him). BIG MISTAKE.
Robot was not really bad- it was beyond shitty. I kept telling myself it was just entertainment, still who are the depraved freaks who actually like films like those?
Needless to say I have never been more ashamed of my country (though I know that the whole country isn’t to blame).
Anyway, I got over the traumatic experience by watching some good films at home. (though I do not know if I can ever completely get over it!)
Now I spend my time these days watching Psych. I have literally devoured seasons 1 to 3, & am currently watching season 4. Yes, that show is brilliant. I ♥ it. In other news, I read something on the internet the other day that made me squeal with delight! Maybe some of you already know this, maybe you don’t care, but I’ll do a post post about it soon! Anyway, going to spend the whole of tomorrow at a garage sale! I know some of you will be coming, & I can’t wait to see you there! That’s all for now.
For those of you who have vacations, what are you up to?