So my pretties, how are you? I have been meaning to blog since oh-so-many days but things keep getting in the way. The Garage Sale was a fab experience. I bought double the amount I sold, but hey, it was fun! I’m definitely gonna do it next year too!
Recently I have been going through a lot of fashion blogs from all around the world & I must say I am absolutely in love with the idea of thrift stores, second hand stores & garage sales. I don’t get why it’s looked down upon here in India. When I buy anything from a thrift store, I honestly feel soooo much better than when I buy from some horribly overpriced international brand that gets all their clothes made in India itself. Yes, when you buy second hand, you save the environment & some money! So I don’t care if people think it’s cheap, but I am all for it!
But in the chaos of the sale, I forgot to click any photos of what I was wearing for an outfit post. Bummer. This is the only one-

(l-r) me & my friend Brinelle at the Garage Sale!
Not a very good photo but the only one I have 🙁
I wearing: 
Top – A spaghetti that’s been lying in my closet,
Shrug – Morgan
Jeans – My new Lee X-Low Slim Super Skinny Jeans (which look awesome but it isn’t so easy to get in and out of them!),
Bangles – fabindia
Brass Necklace – Again something I’ve had since quite a while
Earrings: Bluebird Earrings from etsy.
But I loved what I put together so much that you can be sure I’m gonna wear the exact same thing again. Soon.