Hi people! I know I’ve been MIA here since a while. Truth be told, I’m having way too much fun on my style blog at the moment. So here’s another photoblog post- something yummy!
When I first heard of eggsunday!, I got really excited about the entire concept (An egg-themed eatery!) Of course then I checked out the listing on burrp, & got really disappointed about the bad reviews the place had been getting. But I decided to ‘take a chance’ & check it out anyway, & I was not sorry! I ended up going there with my mom last week *cough*week before last *cough*. And here are some pretty photos from the trip.

The walls were really fun!
Loved all the kitchen implements!
Chef’s Salad
Golden Fried Egg Fingers with Tartar sauce
Cheese & Mushroom Omelette
(This reminded me of a business class breakfast)

I completely forgot to take a photo of the really huge toast slices that came with the omelette.
Anyway, the meal was neither cheap nor too expensive. But it was fun& tasty 🙂

Till next time,