It’s December, so it’s winter time almost all over the world (yeah it’s summer in the southern hemisphere!)
Since the past few months I have been coming across beautiful winter things on foreign fashion blogs: leather gloves, mittens, blazers, trench coats, knit beanies, earmuffs, leg warmers… you get the idea! Of course it’s not just the internet. Local malls are full of that stuff too. I saw leg warmers at lifestyle, cute leather gloves at Aldo & a really beautiful (but oh-so-expensive!) trench coat at Mango. Looking at those things makes me pine for a ‘real’ winter here.
But when winter actually comes, I’m not too happy. You see, I’m a summer baby. I was born in April, when the heat is at it’s worst (or best) here. I like summer. I don’t really mind all the sweating & the fact that I tan easily makes me turn ten shades darker. The hottest summer I ever experienced was Florida. There was little or no sweating… but you could actually feel the burn. Spending a few days at the poolside actually burnt off one layer of skin on the soles of my feet (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds!)
Anyway, enough about summer. You know what I hate most about winter? It’s not the cold but the skin dryness! I am extremely lazy when it comes to moisturizing & skin care.
And that is why I love this so much:

Warm Vanilla Body Butter

My mom gets me the best things, even if it’s just by chance. She bought me this even though she didn’t know then that vanilla is my most favorite scent in the entire world. Just a photo can show you visual beauty, I wish there was some way I could describe this product to you. You probably already know how great body butters are. But this one is ‘warm vanilla’. I have no idea how the vanilla actually smells warm, but it does! It has the exact same effect eating comfort food has, but this works on your olfactory nerves rather than your taste buds & stomach. I am in Vanilla heaven right now.