I went for The History of India VIRitten, a stand up comedy show by Vir Das (followed by cocktails & dinner) at the ITC Grand Central on the 13th of Feb. And guess what? I met one of my favorite authors Ashwin Sanghi there. I had chatted with him a couple of times over Twitter (he calls me his first twitter fan 🙂 ) but it was great meeting him in person. (How lucky am I to actually meet one of my favorite authors & chat with him? Now if I only get to meet Ruskin Bond I can die happy). I was absolutely blown away by The Rozabal Line (his first book, published in India in 2008 & I probably read it in 2009. Too bad I wasn’t into books reviewing then). If you’re curious about the plot, it is similar to the DaVinci code, only much better! It was terribly underrated, which makes me think that Dan Brown just got lucky. Anyway, his second book Chanakya’s Chant is out & I just ordered it. The show by Vir Das was politically incorrect & absolutely hilarious!
I spent Valentine’s Day at home, hungover. (I would like to mention that I was actually hungover on a huge highball glass of Cranberry Juice with less than half an inch of Vodka. Apparently I have very little tolerance for alcohol. Tsk tsk.)
Also, more book news. Have you guys heard of an upcoming Bollywood film called Saat Khoon Maaf? (litteral translation: Seven Murders Forgiven) It has a ton of famous Bollywood stars. I would have honestly never heard of it (seeing as how I don’t even read the newspaper nowadays *sob*) but the screenplay has been written by Vishal Bharadwaj & Matthew Robbins based on a novella by Ruskin Bond! The book is called Susanna’s Seven Husbands & it hasn’t released yet. I suspect it’s going to release on 18th Feb, the same day as the movie. Anyway I have pre-ordered it already & I am excited! Perhaps I’ll go watch the movie too (It supposedly has a cameo by Ruskin Bond).
I am officially book-crazy. And I have a lot more books that I want, so I have gone ahead & made a wishlist! I’ll probably end up buying them all eventually. So, how did you spend Valentine’s Day? Any recent buys/splurges? I’d love to know.