A few days ago (the 13th to be exact) I went with my parents to the ITC Grand Central to watch a stand up comedy show by the famous Vir Das. I also met Ashwin Sanghi, my favorite Indian author there! (more on that here).
Here’s what I wore-

Qi Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater  //  Mango Suit Sleeveless Cardigan  //  Lee Jeans  //  Paprika Heels  //  The Bombay Store Kashmiri Suede Embroidered bag
The only reason I cut my head off in the above photos is that I didn’t manage to take any decent outfit photos before leaving for the show so I dressed up the next day to take photos.
About this fabulous Qi Cashmere top. I was out of home when the box came. My mom called, so I told her to ope it. She said is was lovely, & very soft! So I hurried back home to try it on, and sure enough, it was amazing! It’s just so soft! And this is obviously my favorite winter top. I also have an amazing dress, Robin Rouched Dress ($105) in navy. It’s so amazing, as winter is almost over I don’t think I’ll wear it this year, but I can most definitely keep it for next winter!
Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Ciara, Adrienne Bailon & Rihanna in Qi.
And the Mango cardigan… when I was out shopping with mom at Mango, she saw this cardi & urged me to get it. I was rather unsure, to me it was loose & didn’t serve any real purpose (cardis are supposed to keep you warm, but how can this do it if it’s sleeveless?) I didn’t want to get it, but mom urged me to & I’m glad. I love it now! It’s versatile & I already have a few looks in my head I can wear this with. Yay! Thanks ma.
The bag is from the Bombay Store. It’s Kashmir suede & with lots of awesome embroidery. I had envisioned this as a casual bag. When I put this outfit together, as much as I loved how classy the dark shades look, it felt a little weird that this was devoid of color. So this bag & canary yellow nail polish on my toes add the much needed color.
The shoes have made appearances on my blog before. I love them but I can’t be on my feet too long when I wear them (just not used to heels I guess) & I wore them here cos I though I wouldn’t have to stand much. But we ended up being early & the ballroom wasn’t set up yet so we had to stand outside for a while. My feet hurt so bad. 🙁 But they’re 4″ heels so I was almost 5’10” with them. That makes me happy. 🙂
And now some random pictures from the day… (all taken with my iPod touch cam so they’re not very hi-res).
I tried winged eyeliner for the first time,
& I think it turned out pretty well.
I find it rather amusing how it looks like
I have false eyelashes on in this photo, when all
I had was eyeliner & some mascara. 
I asked my mom to take a photo,
& she was a little unsure of what functioned
as the shutter button & she clicked this
when I was still shoving my lipstick in my bag.
So I uploaded this for laughs. tee hee.

Cranberry Juice + Vodka
The stage before the show.
Cranberry & Orange Juice.

So… that’s all the photos of that day. It was fun, but then I spent Valentine’s Day at home because I was hungover & had aching feet. I guess I need to be more resilient.

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