So… finally an outfit post. This is what I wore to a picnic with a bunch of people last weekend.
It suddenly occured to me that I haven’t ‘unveiled’ this tattoo on my blog(s) yet.
So here it is- tattoo number four. (My fourth also happens to be my smallest! Go figure).
Got it just two days before Christmas.
Went in alone, without mom or any friends (I’m rather proud of that). Paid for it myself.
This photo was supposed to be an attempt to capture my kawaii panda earrings. Epic fail! 😀
My clark’s wallabees. I am not at all ashamed to say that this is my favorite pair at the moment.
Do you know they’re actually men’s shoes? 
Random decorative-palm-being-eaten-by-with-insect-holes photo.
I am really enjoying my 50mm lens.
c/o Zoo Uniform  t-shirt //  Lee Jeans  //  Clarks Wallabees  //  (self designed) Jim Morisson dog tag // Bead Bracelets from Kuala Lumpur  //  United Colors of Benetton wrist watch
And now for some picnic related blabbering. It was at a resort at Vasai (a place just outside Bombay limits) but I decided beforehand that I was not going to enter the swimming pool. So I dressed accordingly. Vasai can be so beautiful, with so much greenery & village style homes. It reminds me so much of Goa. We spent the day lounging about both indoors and outdoors (on a hammock!) and on random patio furniture soaking in the sun. And then I saw the horse. A woman riding a horse always reminds me of Xena, I know that Lucy Lawless came from a background of horse riding, but I will always think about how great she looked on Argo (or Daisy. Fans will get that reference). Anway, I wasn’t too sure about riding the horse, this is just the second time I’ve been on a horse, and the first time it was less than two minutes! But the horse looked so well behaved and I thought I was rather appropriately dressed so I decided to give it a shot. The horse was wonderful, but somewhere past the first round that teen wrangler thought he would get some kicks seeing me absolutely terrified so he proceeded to run with the horse. YIKES.
I was holding onto the reigns for dear life, my right foot kept slipping out of the stirrups, and I kept thinking, “Oh my God. Xena was awesome.” Also something like: “I wonder what’s the worst injuries I could sustain if I fall” & “I can do this. I can stay on this damn saddle.” Soon it was over, and I was just so glad to be alive & uninjured. Dear Bruce Campbell, I just read If Chins Could Kill… and I can now relate to what you went through during the filming of Brisco. Of course we cannot name this horse the Widow(er) maker because a) I am unmarried. b) It wasn’t the horse’s fault, really. It was that darn wrangler.
These photos are 100% unedited. That’s right, other than cropping, I have done nothing with them and you can see them in all their raw glory. All the photography credit goes to my mom again. Thanks Mom 🙂
Also, I just realized that you can’t really see the dogtag necklace I designed, so here’s a photo from a while ago taken from on old blog post on Life etc. (almost a year ago!)
So… I am rather stressed with the upcoming final exams, seeing as how I am completely unprepared. I am going to de-stress by playing AOEIII & watching episodes of my favorite tv shows. So how have you been spending your time lately? I hope you’ve been having loads of fun!

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