A week ago I visited Mezbaan, a little restaurant/hookah bar at Carter Road Bandra.
Some photos-

 The water was served in these copper tumblers.

This is the Shawarma we ordered first. It came with pickled beetroot & some dip

And both of the pictures don’t do it any justice. A tad more expensive that other Shawarmas I have eaten but hands down the tastiest. I also found it very filling & I didn’t have place for anything else.

We next ordered the Dum Murg (Chicken) Biryani. I was just too stuffed to even have a bite, but both my parents said it was very authentic & yummy!
I went to this place with no special expectations, I thought it would just be some random place where the wannabees from the area came for hookah (and I was right about this!) But the food was just too yummy. I absolutely loved the shwarma & I am definitely gonna go back!
Tomorrow I am going to write about A Chocolate Affair where we went for dessert.
Have you been to Mezbaan? What was your experience like? I’d love to know.