I am going to be gone from this blog, but just for a while! My exams start tomorrow & I will be busy (I won’t actually be studying, I never do that! Every moment at my MacBook Pro, playing The Sims 3. I am super addicted to that game, I have to play it every single day for an hour or more).
So that obviously mean I might not be actively posting for the next week or two…
Later on we proceeded to Forever New because I had seen this awesome little jumpsuit / playsuit / romper (I still can’t decide what to call it, because all three words mean the same thing!)
So I entered the store & there it was again… I picked it up in the smallest size (UK/AUS 6) & ran to the trial room. Tried it on. It has a floral print (hello spring!), is purple & has a bow. Of course it was silly & impractical, very beachy & too short to wear in Bombay. But I was in ♥love♥ with it! Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels was playing in my head & so I absolutely had to have it. I am so broke, & mom was totally against it. She thought it was an overpriced, ill-fitting piece of cloth. But I begged, pleaded, cajoled & finally she got it for me. Thanks again, Mom! When my dad saw it he was so sure it would never fit me! It does but it’s shorter than what I’m used to.
 Isn’t it lovely? This was taken in the trial room before I bought it. That’s all I have to say for now.
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