I’ve become so addicted to this blog that I can’t stay away for too long. So I decided to do a post showing you all my tan suede (ankle) boots. I got them two months ago.

 I have a confession to make: I have wanted a pair of boots since forever! (And by that I mean at least six years). They have always fascinated me, but since I have very thin legs, I know I’d end up looking like Nicole Richie at her skinniest. I tried on a couple of leather boots in a mall a while ago. I liked one pair (black leather with studs- very biker chic) but sadly they didn’t have those in my size. I can’t wear these boots on dresses or shorts, but I can wear them with my skinny jeans tucked in.
I am in love with these boots! They’re just so bohemian. I think I really love how suede looks. In a short period of time I have a suede bag & two pairs of suede shoes (these & my Purple Clark’s Wallabees). And another pair is on the way! 🙂

Here’s a closer look at the texture. The shoes have two layers of fringe. And they’re flat! (I love flats much more than heels. Heels are for dressing up and they’re a total pain!) These boots are insanely comfortable.
And you know something even more awesome about these boots? Well, they have a YKK zipper running down the back. That means getting them on & off is just too easy.
I really wanted to show these babies to you in an outfit post but I’ve worn them just once & we tried taking photos but they didn’t look so good. Summer is almost here & I think I will have to store these somewhere for the time being. But winter will come again soon enough.

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