Oxfords & Brogues became popular footwear for women recently, people started using the words oxfords & brogues interchangeably. Which is completely wrong, because they are two different types of footwear. I was confused a little at first too, but now I know the difference so I thought I would share.

Oxfords are those that have an enclosed lace up detailing. Basically, oxfords are often plain. Brogues on the other hand are actually oxfords with details called “wing tip.” The wing tip is the design which forms a “W” on the toecap of the shoe. What makes it different from an oxford is that it has dotted details or what they call “brogue detailing.”

These are oxfords.
Jeffrey Campbell Meow.
Available in a host of different colors/patterns & I am lusting after them in pink suede!
Image: Solestruck.
These are brogues. Notice the ‘wing tip’ design on these.
Image: Asos.
These are my Bata shoes. Neither Oxfords nor Brogues but Ballerina Flats.
Just put them here to show you the brogue-style stitch on the front.

Yes, it’s that simple! Don’t go confusing the two any longer.

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PS: I have already purchased two pairs of oxfords & they will be arriving in a while. Can’t wait to show them to you guys! 🙂