Monday was a lazy day… 
On Tuesday…
Delicious little snack at Theobroma. Pure Awesomeness.
Bought some cute wallets. A monogrammed teddy & a Vogue magazine print (big fat style blogger cliché, though I don’t read fashion magazines.)

On Wednesday…
Bought this pair of Levi’s. It was so awesome to get one that fit me perfectly, no alternations needed! Also, this completes my Spring Denims collection…
On Friday…
Met up with my best friend for the first time since exams ended.
We sipped Virgin Mojitos (@ KFC), gossiped, window shopped (a lot!) & I actually bought some stuff too…
Is it weird that I bought winter stuff even though summer has started (& no, they were not on sale!)
I miss winter already. Though I was yearning for summer when winter was on.
On Saturday…
* I turned 19! *
I stayed up late, only to be awoken by the postman-
he brought with him my long awaited Sold Denim Lab Bell Bottom Jeggings (For the uninitiated, jeggings= jeans+leggings. They are a little of both). Yes, bell bottoms are back! *fun*
Mom got me this delicious chocolate cake. It full of shavings of chocolate & the ‘happy birthday’ is actually made of white chocolate! So delicious (but it melts real quick now that’s it’s summer!)
Went with my parents to Brun Cafe in Juhu. I love love love the decor there. Beautiful antique clocks, pool tables, comfy sofas & walls covered vinyl records with canvas prints of musicians. My fave wall is the one which has huge canvas prints of musicians in concert. Beautiful.
Here are some photos (be warned, The place is dimly lit & I only carried my point & shoot so the photos are beyond crappy, really. But it was still a great way to remember the day.)
The pool tables & the aforementioned fancy walls 🙂
Fish Fingers.
Grilled Chicken Salad.
Chicken Burger
To sum up the place: love the decor, chilled out atmosphere & decent food (that takes forever to come!)
On Sunday…
We went shopping. And other than tubs of Ice Cream (which I really wanted to photograph, but didn’t because I was scared they would melt in this terrible heat), I also got…
Susie’s Sun Signs by Susie Cox- I do not believe in horoscopes or astrological predictions, but I do believe that our zodiac can tell us a lot about our personality, motivations, strengths & weaknesses & help us better understand ourselves & others. (that’s why I have included stuff about my zodiac sign, Aries, on my about me page. I also have the symbol for aries tattooed above my ankle.) I just browsed through this book in the bookstore & knew I had to get it! And it’s really good… (& the cover is cute too!)

I found the most freakin’ amazing spectacle frame ever. Tortoise. Cateye-ish. I’ve always wanted glasse like this. I remind myself of Penelope Garcia. Thinking of ditching my lenses forever, they’re just too annoying. I am still so ecstatic about finding these (the optician complimented me on my alternative, quirky choice). Pure awesomeness. I want to start a collection of quirky glasses!
And when we got back, there were flowers waiting for me. Birthday flowers. A day late. *hmph*

Also, I am getting bored of carnation arrangements.
Oh yeah, & before I forget, thanks a ton for all your sweet birthday wishes on facebook & twitter. They mean the world to me! ♥
That’s all for this week… what was your week like?