Continuing the ‘my week in pictures’ installment from last week because a) I got a lot of positive feedback & b) Because I had so much fun putting it together!
But you know what? Is it super bad to post this three days late? I had a super busy Sunday, trust me! & forgot all about it *sigh*
So I’m posting it today, okay? Bare with me. I’ll try not to forget next week. Anyway, this is for the week dated 28th March – 3rd April 2011.

On Monday….

My order arrived. These are just two of my faves, my straw boater hat & enamelled heart ring. (Can you tell I love hats? I mean, two hats last week, one hat this week. What are the odds?)

I got three totally awesome Brahma Books. Expect a comprehensive review in the next week or so.

On Tuesday…

I got a manicure

and a pedicure (with nail art!)

and then had an awesome dinner at Bistro Grill.

On Wednesday…

Looks delish no? You will see more of this in a day.

On Thursday…
I went shopping. But no photos for now. You will see the stuff on my style blog later.

On Friday…

I got this Fleur de Lis tie from USA. Random, I know.

On Saturday…

Posting a photo that isn’t taken by me, for once. This doesn’t need a caption. Just too freakin’ awesome.

On Sunday…

Helped out at the Home for the Aged Mini Sale. I am been volunteering there since I was 11.(not too regularly, though). T’was tiring but fun.
Came back home, had a super quick nap & then went for The Adjustment Bureau & did a little shopping after. Also, (for all you soap-watchers & film buffs) spotted Prachi Desai right next to me at Forever New (actually, I didn’t notice her, mom did).