A few days ago I wrote a general information post about BrahmaBooks, today I will let you know about my experience with them.
Arjuna kindly sent me these three book:

On the outside they resemble Moleskines.
They are:

Writers Line – 5.5 x 3.5 Inches
What added to the beautiful, whimsy factor for me was the uses mentioned on the label. This one said: Writing Book | Journal | Travel Log | Dream Log

Economy Line – 6 x 6 inches
This is the book from the economy line. The cost is the most economical (hence the name) & it lacks some of the features of the other lines like the elastic to keep the book together, the little envelop/pocket in the inside of the back cover. It is also soft cover. And the only line to not feature acid free paper. However I do love all the brighter colors in this line.

Amateur Line – 5.25 x 8.25 Inches
The amateur line. The label states: Sketch Book | Journal | Travel Log | Dream Log

As you can see they are all incredibly beautiful & classy. I can definitely see myself holding with one of these sitting in an outdoor cafe in Paris contemplating the nature of life & jotting stuff down for a blog post (for the record, I never take notes or plan blog posts. But I sure wish I did).

When I was a kid I had a habit of opening everything at once & later my mom would find different things strewn in forgotten corners.
So I decided to take it slow with these lovely books & use them one at a time. The first book I wanted to try was the Amateur one. You see, I used to sketch in the past (when I was in school) & the last time I remember sketching was the summer vacations after appearing for my 10th board exams. That’s three years ago. I haven’t sketched since. So I wanted to try again & I knew that getting a BrahmaBook would inspire me to sketch again. So I got to it at once.
I looked around for inspiration & it came in the form of a beautiful pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses my mom bought me a few months ago. They are by far my favorite.
Front & back labels.
This book belong to me! =)
Tailor made to catch inspiration!

The cute screen printed card info card that comes on the inside every Brahma Book.
Another really nifty feature is the envelop on the inside of the back cover (that I forgot to photograph). Infinitely useful because I have the habit of storing little chits of paper within the pages of my book & sometimes they fall off! 

The Ray-Bans I sketched. I was a bit upset that the shape of the frame isn’t completely right. But considering that this is the first sketch I’ve done in three years (& I didn’t practice anywhere!!) it isn’t so bad, no? I hope to sketch a lot my beautiful things in this book, especially during my upcoming vacation.
And now, some notes on the paper. I know that the book says fine grade acid free paper but those are just words, right? I didn’t really know what to expect. But the paper is just exquisite. It is thick & smooth & definitely unlike any paper I have ever written or drawn on before. I am so glad that I decided to choose BrahmaBooks over Italian Moleskines. I decided to make a little list about why they were a better choice:

  • The quality (especially the binding) is much better.
  • They are not leather bound so there is no cruelty to animal.
  • An Indian brand, so you are supporting an Indian business plus you don’t have to pay high customs duties.
  • Other than BrahmaBooks being superior in quality to Moleskines, they actually are cheaper! Total win!

All in all I am extremely satisfied with the overall quality of the books!
You can contact Brahma Books by email & check out their facebook page in the mean time.
And you can come back later this month for a chance to win your very own BrahmaBook!

much love,