Hey Guys! I have been wanting to have a giveaway here since forever (I’ve already had one on my style blog) but the reason I didn’t is because I was having trouble figuring out what to giveaway. I wanted something useful, fun yet gender & age neutral.
Finally I am hosting my first giveaway here sponsored by Brahma Books.
They are known for the great quality Indian Moleskines that they make, I have written about the books here & done a review with photographs here.
First off I wanted to provide some new & relevant information about the books so I asked Arjuna (founder of BrahmaBooks) to write a mesage for you guys. This is what he has to say:

I am a professional artist. For the past several years I have been focusing on the classical drawing. In classical drawing the artist must draw accurately from life. Quality of materials is of utmost importance as poor quality paper or pencils will result in poor drawings. I started by importing all of my art supplies including drawing books and paper from the USA. However after some time I realized that there is a need for high quality drawing and writing books in India and I also realized that only a classical artist can fulfill it, because an intimate understanding of quality papers and other materials is required. There are many books on the market in India, but there are none that are focused on providing the best acid free papers. And hence Brahma books was born. Brahma Books offers notebooks that use acid free papers and the professional lines include the worlds best papers including Fabriano and Canson among others. At Brahma Books we focus at making the highest quality notebook possible. There are many factors that go into high quality notebooks including hand binding, top quality acid free papers, fun designs, the best adhesives and other materials and a great pickiness regarding detail. I am happy that we are the only supplier of top quality notebooks for drawing and writing in India, from an artists perspective. There are other notebooks however they fall within the category of diaries or fancy designs without underlying quality. I use Brahma Books all the time and continually strive to improve quality.

The tag line for Brahma Books is “Catch Inspiration”. As a renaissance artist (An artist who practices many art forms) I also sing Indian classical Music and do Shaolin Kungfu. After making Brahma Books I realized that this is a full fledged operation including factories and distribution. I decided to make a company that is an art installation. Therefore my company Brahmaforces is created like a piece of art, only instead of paint, we use real people and objects. Doing so many things, I get many ideas. Some in the middle of the night, some while I am waiting for a meeting, and some at meditation retreats. I realized long ago, that if one is able to catch these ideas and act on them, then one’s life is transformed as many creative acts are initiated. One very important purpose the Brahma Books serve, is to catch inspiration. I write down and draw whatever ideas occur to me on a daily basis, prioritize them and act on them. These books are a repository of my mental imagery, thoughts and are a creative cauldron. The rough books use poor quality papers that match those offered by the diary makers and they offer a large number of pages at a cheap price but with the same fun designs and strong hand binding. I use these for rough work where volume is required.
I greatly enjoy using the Brahma Books and they have transformed my life by allowing me to organize my ideas in very strong, hardy and fun books. I hope that you enjoy them too.

I must admit that I found the writeup pretty inspiring. An artist who practise Martial arts & goes to meditation retreat- Wow! I have been wanting to learn a martial art for a while (check out the #2 on the Project 20 by 20 in the footer of this blog. And I just realized I have only 11 months left… eeek!)
And without further ado, here is information about how you can win a your very own Brahma Book:
✰ One lucky winner will get a Amateur Line Book 8.25 x 5.25 Inches worth Indian Rupee ₹445
✰ Also, a bonus prize. If 25 or more different people participate in this giveaway, another lucky winner will win a Writers Line Book 6 x 6 Inches worth 435
Compulsory entries: (Must do all three to qualify)
Optional entries: (Not compulsory but you can gain additional entries!)
  • Blog about this giveaway. (link to this post)
  • Tweet about this giveaway via the tweet button at the top of this post.
  • Post this giveaway on your facebook page or profile.
Just leave a comment telling me all that you’ve done. Please mention your Facebook name too.
Just some stuff:
  • Open Internationally!
  • Winner will be picked out of a hat.
  • Giveaway will be open till the 12th of June, 11:59 PM (IST, obviously!)
  • Winner will be picked some day between 12th & 16th June.
  • Regarding the winner, I will be announcing it here, & I will try to get in touch too via Facebook or Twitter, so please don’t leave an email id here as spammers spam email ids that are ‘left in the open’ on blog comments.
Thanks for participating & best of luck!