This is basically just a follow up on yesterday’s post. Please go through that one first.
So this is the second roll with my Actionsampler

What can I say… I love that swing!

My mommy is cooler & funnier than your mommy.

Again, Andheri (E).

First of the Goa pictures.

At Mapusa Market.

People I like.

Beach race!

me, jumping!

Old Goa.

I like how this photo turned out. Two lenses blurry & two are really sharp!

Scooters for hire @ Colva beach.

The last photo from the roll turned out to be my favorite. Love the blue skies with white clouds (right now it’s all black & depressing in Bombay). Everything about this picture is perfect in my eyes.

Lomography Actionsampler x Lomography CN 100 (pushed to 200)

Actionsampler tips:

  1. The Actionsampler has a fixed shutter speed & aperture. So there is nothing you have to do except shoot! You just need to make sure that you have enough light for the photos to come out well.
  2. This camera is so simple to use! It doesn’t even have a viewfinder, just a pop-up frame. I love the simplicity & not knowing exactly how the shots will be framed. It’s the kind of unpredictability that attracted me to Lomography in the first place.
  3. It’s somehow very easy to get your finger in front of one (or even two!) of the lenses. Happened in a few of my shots. Be careful!
  4. The first film I used was 400ASA (somewhat fast film). It worked like a charm. Since I was going to be using the second film in Goa (with bright sunlight!) I got a little more adventurous & used 100ASA film (slow film) that I got pushed to 200ASA while processing. I am not at all unhappy with the results, I love how vibrant the skies look (if you like taking photos of the daytime sky, 400ASA has a tendency to get overexposed, then everything looks white!) But some moving objects did appear a little blurred. I think I would stick to 200 film in bright sunlight & 400 film during other day times.
  5. I’m not sure if this is actually a photography tip, but this little camera attracts attention, in a fun way! People are very curious, many stare, some ask questions & one guy even asked to take a photo of the camera. I love telling people about my Actionsampler.
  6. The Actionsampler is primarily for taking daytime, outdoor photos. If you like the Actionsampler but wish to use it indoors, you should look up the Actionsampler flash! Not just four lenses, four flashes too!
I’m sorry for not posting these earlier! I just can’t seem to find the time nowadays.
Also, some more awesome news. I recently participated in a contest held by Lomography India & won a Fisheye 2! (plus two packs of film!) I’ve tried the Fisheye 2 in the past & it is fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. 🙂

Have fun!