I have been having a hectic few weeks so I though I’d just share some analog photos today.
You guys remember the Actionsampler, right? That cute little lomography cam I bought myself for my 19th birthday. Well as soon as I got it I got busy. I ran through two rolls through it because I was simulataneous using my other film cameras too (third one is in it right now) & I’m gonna share some of my favorites with you. (many photos! don’t say I didn’t warn you…)
I’m going to try to put them in chronological order, publish one roll today & the other tomorrow. Also, look out for some tips on using the Actionsampler at the end of tomorrow’s post.

Andheri East. A crowded bus stop, & the metro rail construction. This is the chaos that I live near/in but I love this place! I couldn’t dream of living anywhere else!

It’s nice to still see bullock carts, sometimes.

Part of the Alma Mater.

BEST Bus depot.

Bridge over Marol Pipeline.

Marol Fire Station.

Those armored vehicles have become a part of Bombay. They’re everywhere.

Byculla. I love this photo. Slums in the foreground, fancy high rises in the background.

A chowk on Pedder road named after Kalyanji Virji Shah (one half of the Kalyanji-Anadji musical duo that composed film scores for 70s Bollywood films).

The Jindal (house/office?) on Peddar Road. I love how proudly they display the tricolor, especially since it was a Jindal who overthrew the stupid law that said we can’t hoist our own flag.

Vendor selling stuff trinkets outside Prince of Wales museum (I still prefer to call it that!)

Creative ‘ticket art’ at Kala Ghoda.

Miniature landscapes at Kala Ghoda.

Jehangir Art Gallery.

David Sassoon Library. There are just two mini exposures here because my finger was on the top two lenses. So I just cropped it off

Me getting fake (stamped) Mehendi.

Antiques at Colaba Causeway.

1950s pinups on the Leopold Cafe board.

Horse Carriage rides near the Gateway.

The Gateway of India.

The Taj.

Vendors near the gateway.

Lomography Actionsampler x Kodak 400

Those were my favorite shots from the first roll. Come back same time tomorrow for Part 2! 🙂