I have been MIA for a while so just showing you a few snapshots from the last two weeks or so.
Something to be noted: All these photos were taken on my iPod touch on either Hipstamatic or Instagram.
Both are apps meant to mimic the look of toy cameras, except, they’re obviously digital. It is definitely fun, quick & you have a lot more control than shooting with film (plus you can see it instantly). But it doesn’t in any way match up to the real thing in any way. Film rules.

Lemonade & my mom.

Hummus bagel & some books I recently bought.

A super cute doggie in Goa & Sorpotel in a restaurant in Goa.

Vegetarian Biryani (in Goa) & the stuff that came in the mail for me when I was away- two new analog (toy) cameras, some 35mm film, instax mini film, Sylvia Plath’s Johnny Panic & the Bible of Dreams & some vegan lip gloss from Monave.

The Lomography Fisheye 2 camera (that I won in a contest on Lomography.com, hooray!) & the Superheadz Wide & Slim – Olive San edition (cute clone of the original, legendary Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim).

The film! I love film. Even though it’s expensive & I keep running out. And a new, beautiful bedsheet.

Goa was a lot of fun. It was the first time I went with friends, not my parents, & the trip was memorable to say the least. It mostly consisted of eating/sleeping/getting lost on random bridges/drinking tequila shots/clicking lots of analog pictures.
I do have photos taken with my Lomo LC-A (my newest analog camera from 1989… the one that started the whole lomography movement), can you believe I didn’t carry a single digital camera, besides my iPod touch? Even the trusty Canon EOS 1000D stayed home. But I will definitely share some photos from Goa soon

Bye for now.