Not really a review, just a micro post. I did go to see the film yesterday (Sunday) with a few friends.
So my thoughts on it- It is amazing! Ok, I must I am a fan of Rowan Atkinson, & a fan of satires (especially British Satires). Still, this film is just so funny! Cannot even count the time I was rocking back & fourth in my seat laughing.
What made it even more funny for me is that I had spent most of Saturday & some of Sunday watching ‘vintage’ James Bond flicks (Sean Connery & Roger Moore ones). The opening credits are funny because they parody James Bond opening credits quite effectively. My friend observed that they might have been a little cheesier than the real thing.
Nothing more to say about it, really. It’s a fun film! (Laugh out loud funny, don’t know when I last saw one of those). Go see it if you like to laugh.