I like my college, a lot! I remember being confused about choosing colleges & wondering whether I made the right choice. But that was more than three years ago.
I am very happy I chose St. Andrew’s. Here are a few photos I took with my lovely little Diana Mini (this is from the first roll, in fact. The second one isn’t even done yet).
I love love love how beautifully lo-fi the photos turned out. The Diana Mini can be very temperamental & stubborn, but the results are completely worth it. (Also, the colored flash gels are awesome! Need to show you guys some night shots!)
I also made a lomowall with these photos on my lomohome, you can see it here if you like. Lomowalls are like creative photos mosaics & they’re fun & easy to make.
I know I have been missing, a lot! What can I say? Life is very hectic (And I’m thankful). I bought a 1989 model Russian Lomo LC-A. Lomographers will know this as the one that started it all. I was pretty nervous about buying a vintage camera, all the others I have were bought new. But I was lucky to score a nice one in pristine condition. Excited about it!! This Monday I am going away for a week long trip with friends. Yes I am super excited because I have never been on a holiday with any of my friends before. And yes they’re both (film) photographers so I hope to come back with lots of lovely photos to show you! 🙂