My dad recently signed off from the ship & on Friday evening we went to pick my dad up at the airport, as has been family tradition in recent years. I actually love waiting at the airport. It’s rather magical to wait there for loved ones & observe all the emotion as you wait.
I think we had to wait for a little less than an hour when dad finally strolled out. When we were in the taxi dad asked me if I had cleaned my room (that’s a little running joke between us… my room is perpetually in a mess & dad offers to give me a lot of cool stuff if I clean it up. So anyway when we got home Dad asked mom to unpack one of his suitcases. When she opened it she found a trademark white box that I recognized at once! It was the box for iPad 2!

The white iPad 2 is extremely pretty. A pleasure to type, browse os view photos on. What you see it one of my analog photos from Goa!

Anyway since Dad had just bought it a day earlier it still had to be set up so I ran to set it up with the MacBook Pro. And that is when he brought out the second gift, a black iPhone 4! Now I’m downloading a ton of apps for it as well as iPhone ringtones from

This photo isn’t the best in the world but the iPhone is sooooo beautiful! ~
I had a BlackBerry earlier but I actually downgraded to a simple, older Nokia because I didn’t like the BB that much.
The iPhone has always been my dream phone!

Yesterday mom & me went for a little to the store & I got set up with a nice little iPhone plan too! It happened within minutes. I have now transfered all the important existing contacts to the iPhone, texting on it is a real pleasure! Though I still have to figure out exactly how to raise the call volume though, I find it really low! However I love love love my new phone. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, thank you mom & dad!