How are you, my loves? My mood has been all over the place these last few days & I’m not even sure why. But I have something to be really happy about.
I just may have acquired a new obsession-
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I am a little obsessed with vinyl records at the moment! I may or may not have spent a few month’s allowance money on shipping a few rare vintage LPs from the UK. It will be worth it when it arrives. ☺
And I am yet to buy a turntable if you’re curious. I did want to buy a nice Crosley one, I was so attracted by the wonderful vintage looks of their turntables that I even placed an order for one but it didn’t work out. At first I was a little upset about it & considered placing an order again, but after extensive research I realized that though Crosley ones might look good they are seriously lacking in the quality department. Apparently the sound quality is pretty bad & sometimes parts just stop working. My parents gifting me a wonderful Bose iPod dock may have spoiled me a little, but I decided to wait a few months & buy something better. So I’m just collecting records at the moment. If any of you know local shops in Mumbai that sell records, or if you have any records you would like to give or sell to me let me know!
Sunday is going to be a seriously busy day for me as it’s the annual Home for the Aged sale! I have been helping out in some way or the other every sale, & this one will be my 9th one. 🙂 If any one of you decide to drop in, I will be on the auditorium stage selling stuffed toys. Best job ever!
I will be too tired tomorrow but I hope to share some photos from the sale in the next few days.
Also what do you guys think of the latest Polaroid Instant Digital camera? As much as I love analog I have to admit that it is quite an ingenious idea, & at $20 for 30 prints it is very cheap. But I don’t think I’ll be buying this anytime soon, analog rules! ♡