Here are some photos taken with the Golden Half in June 2011. This was the first analog camera I bought well over a year ago. The first roll I ran through it turned out pretty bad, but that was probably because it was my first film roll ever & I probably made some mistakes & gave it to a crappy lab out of sheer ignorance.
So I was reluctant about using it again but I tried it anyway. A tiny note about this camera? Since it’s a half frame camera it takes 72 photos on a regular 36 exposure roll. It takes forever to get done. Literally. Towards the end of the roll I find myself snapping random things just to finish the roll. The plastic lens makes everything cutely fuzzy around the edges.
All of these photos are taken in Bandra (a suburb in Bombay), & I got these processed & scanned at an slightly expensive but awesome lab.

Superheadz Golden Half x Kodak 400

I am completely sold on this camera. It is cheap but awesome. Sure it can’t do some things like double exposures but it has a hotshoe (you can use it with most regular flashes) & more importantly it works just as it should. 🙂
I have never had any problems with this camera unlike some others & I’m glad. These are just about half of the roll, there are more from Goa & I will show them to you in a couple of days. I really don’t know why I don’t use this camera more!
Some random personal stuff now? My parents got home this morning, yay! As much as I enjoyed staying home alone (I really did!) I missed them & was happy that they’re back, somehow things just seem back to normal. They brought back so much awesome stuff! I spent the whole morning being overwhelmed by all the thoughtful gifts. I clicked photos of everything, but only on film so I hope they turn out ok.


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