Today I’m showing you one of my analog cameras, Fed 5C. It’s not very new, but I’ve never shown it on my blog before.

These cameras are supposed to be cheaply made copies of Leica cameras. A part of the reason I bought this camera is the beautiful red leatherette. It’s original. This camera was probably made sometime in the early or mid nineties. I usually buy most of my soviet cameras from dealers in former USSR countries. This was bought on eBay from someone who found it at an estate sale. It was sold-as it but since it’s a fully mechanical camera & I had a good feeling about it I figured I’d take a chance & buy it.

It works! Quite well. It’s built like a tank & the shutter is so loud. I ran a test roll through it & it turned out nice. I don’t think I’ll use it too much though.

ETA: Here are a couple of photos taken with this camera.