One of the reasons I love having an iPhone is the multitude of cute cases available for it.
The first one is my current case by Rabito which I first saw on Katrina’s blog. I am usually the kind of girl who shies away from too much pink, but I’ve been on a bit of a pink trip recently, & I love how fun this case is. 
The second one is a audio casette silicon that I used for quite a while. I loved it because it was very 80s & analog. It confused a lot of people- they thought I was roaming about with an actual casette in my hands. 
The third & fourth were both bought by my dad when he bought me the iPhone. They’re not really me (too plain) but I thought it was sweet that he got them for me. The last one broke when I dropped the phone down at home. That’s why I prefer silicone, it’s shock absorbent so I don’t have to worry too much if my phone falls down. Find all kinds of iPhone 4 covers here with Kmart.