I’m back with another music video of the week post after a while.
This time I’m sharing my all-time favorite Pet Shop Boys Song – Being Boring.
{NSFW; please note that this video contains some nudity}

There are so many reasons I love the song & the video.
This song was the second single from the 1990 album Behavior. The song is concerned with the idea of growing up and how people’s perceptions and values change as they grow older. The title apparently materialised after someone in Japan accused the duo of being boring. The title is also derived from this quotation-

She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring.
Zelda Fitzgerald

Neil Tennant described Being Boring as “one of the best songs that we’ve written”, and explained that “for me it is a personal song because it’s about a friend of mine who died of AIDS, and so it’s about our lives when we were teenagers and how we moved to London, and I suppose me becoming successful and him becoming ill.” 
I second Neil, personally I think it’s one of the best songs ever written.
The video was shot fashion-photographer Bruce Weber, totally in black and white. I absolutely love the feel of the video. This may sound silly but for some reason I always have this video in my head when I’m shooting black & white film. The look in this video- something I aspire for. 
To me the song & the video are beautiful, poetic & sentimental.


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