Grace church is in the heart of Margao, & with it’s weird location you may almost miss it if you aren’t looking. The church compound is situated one storey above the ground, surrounded by shops on all sides. These stores are all family owned, & most of them use their surname as the store name.
Raikar is a surname that means ‘from Raia’. It’s a family owned studio that has been around for a long time. It’s so beautifully old fashioned, with a hand painted sign still depicting a film camera & roll & Kodak balloons hanging from it!
The second & third photos are taken inside Vaz Enterprises (no relation to me, Vaz is a pretty common Goan surname), a liquor shop. The guys there speak English well & are friendly & helpful without being pushy, & we ended up buying a lot more alcohol than planned. 😉
I definitely had my eye on these large (4.5 ltr!!) whisky bottles, with metal swings to help you pour a drink. They are of course very heavy & cumbersome to carry, else I would have convinced my mom to get us one.


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