When I saw this amazing post over at Rhianne’s blog I knew I had to do it too. This blog started as a personal blog, after all. So here goes…

✭ I am mostly happy with my looks, but I am very insecure with how my nose looks. I think it’s misshapen & ugly. I would be lying if I said I never thought of rhinoplasty. I do not think I will ever go through with it, though. Because at the end of the day I really do believe that flaws make you unqiue.

✭ I am quite carefree when it comes to dressing up, I hardly ever use any makeup either. One thing I am pretty particular about it getting my eyebrows done. I hate it when they’re shaggy looking.

✭ Sometimes I worry about my photos, that they aren’t any good, & that I’m not getting any better. But then I really do think I am making progress as well.

✭ Sometimes I worry about where I’m going in life! I need to find something I truly love, nothing else will work for me.

✭ I am scared of relationships, in a way. I am mildly envious of people in long term, happy relationships. But I have seen how ugly relationships can get sometimes, I am so scared of something like that happening. I am also scared that I am too I’m too independent & freewheeling to be happy in a relationship for long. Probably one of the reasons I’ve never actually been in one.

✭ I am such a disorganized person in real life, & a major procrastinator. My room is in a mess & I’ve been meaning to clean if for months. I cook up tasty food but it’s always up to mom to clean up.

✭ I am not religious at all. I’m equal parts Agnostic, Pantheist & Pastafarian. All of my friends know, but some family doesn’t (for their own good really, we don’t want them completely freaking out). I would belittle what anyone chooses to believe, I am a Live & Let Live kind of person. A lot of bloggers are always proclaiming the faith, which I find sweet, it just doesn’t seem appropriate to proclaim mine.

✭ I’m such a shopaholic, it’s scary for me! I always owe my mom money… I pay her but then I borrow some again.

✭ I am not a very emotional person. Over the years I’ve become great at bottling things up, which is probably why I almost never cry in a real life situation, no matter how big/scary it is, but cry very easily during the sad parts in a movie/tv show/book.

These are my confessions. What about you? If you choose to do a ‘Things I’m Afraid To Tell You’ post, do share a link to it in the comments.

image via creature comforts blog.