A few days earlier I was invited by global desi for the unveiling of their latest offering – The Aseema Collection. Aseema in an NGO that helps underprivileged children stay in school/college. This is Global Desi’s second initiative with the NGO and the kids. Global Desi has always supported Aseema by giving an opportunity to the budding minds of these young kids by showcasing their talent as a part of their collection through ingenious methods since last year. Aseema, the official cause partner has become an integral part of Anita Dongre’s (she’s a famous Indian designer & founder of global desi as well as AND) vision for her company and the love she has for kids.
The collection is limited edition. The amazing thing about it is that it features designs by kids from the NGO. There are just 16 pieces in this collection, using the designs of four kids from Aseema.

Sangeeta Rohira, the CEO of Global Desi wearing one of the pieces from the collection.
Delna & Raunak (stylist & head designer of global desi respectively) talking about the collection.
The four kids whose designs were used. And you know what? I recognized one of these girls instantly because she’s in the same college as me (next class).

The four kids from Aseema did drawings based on the ‘Underwater’ theme. Then the people & global desi worked hard to put those motifs on their designs. Other than maybe slight color changes, the designs have been replicated very well from original drawings. It wasn’t easy to do, but the kids were so proud to see their work. The clothes were otherwise designed with simple silhouettes so the drawings have the main focus.