The word Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese & shi meaning paper. So this Japanese paper has had many applications throughout the years… in book binding, papier-mâché crafting etc.
In recent years washi tape has come to prominence. It’s paper tape with so many uses- you can use it for crafting, or to decorate just about any surface you think of! It’s easy to write on, & the adhesive is strong enough to hold a photo on the wall, but still doesn’t leave residue. It’s even reusable, depending on what surface you stick it.
I have been wanted to get my mitts of some washi tape for a few years now. But the cheapest washi tape can cost about $3 a roll, & of course there’s shipping too. I do a lot of online shopping, but this just didn’t seem sensible. So I held out, waiting for someone to stock it locally. I found Ricco Crafts! Ricco Crafts is based in both Hong Kong & India. They sell a lot of stuff like paper gift boxes, ribbon, bows, wrapping paper etc. And they also have washi tape… for just Indian Rupee ₹100 a roll! (That’s just under $2!)

{I had a very hard time choosing five. Here are the ones I got: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.}

I chose polka dots, airmail stripes & b/w damask, & lastly a basic mettalic silver.
So if you’re in Delhi, you can go to their store & choose what you like: Sagarika Card, 357 Chawri Bazar, Delhi-110006.
If you’re anywhere else in India (like me) & would like to buy some of these, it’s pretty simple too. Browse the washi tapes on their website, then send them an email with your choice. You can pay via a simple bank deposit they can be on their way to you! And you can keep up with their latest happenings by liking them on facebook.
I cannot wait to put these to use. I will probably be filling up some empty wall space in my room with photo prints!


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