This is a guest post by Jennifer Trovato.
Goodwill is a special place to a college student. It a place to remove yourself from your busy week, a place to find used treasures that need new life, a place to find that one pair of jeans from J. Crew for $4. During my college days, my roommate and I would scour our local Goodwill for any and everything that could help us through our studies, whether that was the perfect clay coffee mug or in my case, a fabulous camera. I came across my Zenit TTL for $20, took it home and started shooting. The lens is not the original Helios lens that you usually find on a Zenit, but that makes it even more special to me. When I got the first roll developed, I just fell in love with my little baby. The colors were washed out, but vivid. The detail was hazy, but crisp where I wanted it to be. This camera followed me around everywhere and even now is my absolute favorite camera, even among the OMs, Ks and Leicas in my husband’s collection. There is something so wonderful about finding exactly what you were hoping to find when you go thrifting. I’m so happy to have found this hefty little treasure.
One of my favorite features of my Zenit is the self timer, so I thought I would share some photos that required a little more energy to take. 
I just adore the blissful, ethereal feel that I get from my Zenit. There is just not another camera like it. 


Jennifer is a 22 year old newlywed and soon to be mother living in Maryland who loves film photography, chocolate and all things nautical. She blogs at jt and the sea. You can also find her on twitter, flickr, pinterest, bloglovin’ & etsy (photograph print store).
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