On Saturday I had to go to the Renaissance Convention Centre near Powai lake for work. I’m always the girl carrying too many cameras & giving myself a back ache, so this time I didn’t carry my camera bag, I just grabbed my dslr & put it in a cotton tote & set off.
When I reached the convention centre, the staff directed me to the sprawling lawn across the main building. And when I entered the place, I had to stop for a bit & take it all in.

The event I had come to attend was on this enclosed lawn, with a panoramic view of Powai lake & the hills beyond. I was so sad because I wasn’t carrying any analog cameras. I think Mumbai is a nice city, but it’s so messy & overcrowded, there’s very rarely a good view (unless you’re someplace overlooking Marine drive). These were taken in the evening, & I sat at a table on that lawn, sipping on breezer & snacking on yummy fingers foods till nightfall. They were playing instrumental jazz at first (I love instrumental jazz!) And later a local band performed a live set. It was perfect.
I love black & white photos by other people, but whenever I convert my photos to b/w, I always feel like I’m losing out on the color or something. I was brave with these & I like how they look.
Oddly enough, the fact that this picture has buildings in it makes it somewhat similar to my last two posts.


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