Superheadz Golden Half x Lomography CN400

All of these are a few months old! First three were all taken in Bandra. Akshay being a creeper (Goa). Mom & me, hat parade event at the local Old Folks home.

Last night for spent in front of the TV with mom, sipping on homemade mojitos & watching Labyrinth. Yes! Mom finally saw it & she said she liked it too.
This afternoon I got the diagnosis on my MacBook Pro- the battery is busted, everything else is fine. Then I got to know how much the replacement battery would cost… whoa whoa & WHOA. I was a bit down for a while, but then I figured that these things happen once in a while, no biggie. I’ll just get the replacement battery & get on with life, y’know? My mac is still one of my favorite things ever. My source of income & entertainment. I love you  MacBook Pro (I should name it already, right?) Anyway I should get it back in three working days, which by the service center’s silly calendar probably means Wednesday or Thursday. Still praying that all of my stuff (photos & all!) are safe. Also the verdict is in, I’m an internet addict. The first few days without my mac were spent browsing on the iPad till the battery died & being very restless (in endless loop). I’m feeling a bit calmer now, hope to get some reading done
I was only able to share these photo because these were uploaded here (& forgotten) before my mac started giving me trouble. Sometimes going through your drafts can be a good thing.
This month has been a lot of expenditure for me (I will show you the amazing things I bought next week, I haven’t even seen it myself). But I also start a cool new social media related job from July, so yay! I’ve been aching to buy this new toy camera for a while, but I promised my mother I was done, she will kill me if I even bring it up. I have had amazing mail days…I’m expecting some more stuff too & I will have a mega amazing day when dad gets home soon. I will not lie, after a little bit of the blues these past couple of months I love where I am in my life right now! *knocks on wood*
I think I’m slowly getting better with the whole dealing with life thing, you know? The secret to eternal happiness is mine. It’s not bad things don’t happen but there’s no use moping too much. I can be sad for a bit but then I just put on my big girl panties & deal with it. There’s so much to be happy & thankful for at any given time, there’s no use focussing on negative stuff. Oh & eat lots of chocolate. Though you never need a reason / excuse to eat chocolate. Especially when it’s filled with liqueur. 😉

Lots of Love,

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