I’m always on the lookout for interesting songs with fun videos to feature as music video of the week. I was so excited when I came across this video by Kikuyu.

Kikuyu is a micropop project by Melbourne artist Sez Wilks. Building on five years as a vocalist and synth player for The Surly Mermaids, Kikuyu sees Sez establish her own small-scale lo-fi style. As Kikuyu, Sez loops warm vocals and wartime diva harmonies with the fuzzy in-built beats and bright tones of an Italian combo organ. The result is a melodic game-style soundtrack for life’s everyday moments.
The video is amazing on so many levels- first of all it’s analog, shot on 16mm film. It’s all candy colored (mostly purple/pink with pops of other colors too) & with other lovely like a turntable with a cute purple vinyl single/EP, also she makes some seriously pretty pancakes which is becoming a favorite activity of mine.

found via Lightning Heart.


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