Here are some photos from early April… for some reason or the other people in my family make plans but never go out to dinner on birthdays, because we get caught up with phone calls, surprise visits & all that.
So this was what my mom & me called a pre-birthday meal. It was a week before my actual birthday, I’m glad we did it because yet again, we didn’t manage to have dinner out on my birthday. It was at a simple restaurant called Shelley’s just outside our resort. The exterior was designed to look like a typical Goan beach shack, but inside it was decently fancy with airconditioners, a large LCD tv & fancy bar.

We’re both small eaters, & since there were only two of us we just ordered drinks (lemon soda, my favorite!) & main course- beef chilly fry, vegetable raitha & rechado (a typical Goan masala) squids. I really wanted Pork Sorpotel but they didn’t have it on the menu. The food all had finely chopped chillies in it (I guess we forgot to tell them to go easy on the spice) & so mom hardly ate any (she has a mental block towards chillies! Haha)
The food was quite delicious, at the end I was so full I didn’t have any place for dessert. Scratch that, I don’t even think I could walk without discomfort.


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