These are some snapshots from early last week when we took Shreetha, who is from out of town to see some places in Mumbai, namely Kala Ghoda (it literally means ‘black horse’, there’s a fun story behind that name too) which is Mumbai’s art district as well as the usual touristy spots like Gateway of India.
I would have posted these a lot earlier but as you know my macbook pro battery died. But it’s back with me now, & it seems to be working fine, yay! *touch wood*

Mumbai is a very crowded city (second most populous city in the world, right after Shanghai). South Bombay is the older, well planned part of the city with a lot of British built buildings, & neater roads.
There are more commercial buildings compared to residential ones. It’a pleasure to walk there, unless you happen to be walking in the morning or at 5 in the evening (because at those times the masses are walking to & from work).

Our walk began from Churchgate station.

There are a lot of government / legislative buildings around the place.
Shiva Painted Water Tank, South Bombay

Mirror self portrait of Shreetha & me at Fabindia. Gosh, I want everything they have there (spices/condiments, skincare products, handicrafts, décor & furniture. All their edibles are organic, & their furniture real wood (unlike all the particle board wood that’s everywhere today) I’m already dreaming of getting a new desk from there for my room (not happening soon! Haha).

I left there with a beautiful vintage looking globe (something that I always wanted & found, thanks to the June issue of GoodHomes India magazine). Will show it to you guys in a couple of days. I also picked up something cute for my next giveaway. There’s little over a day left to enter my current giveaway, if you haven’t already.

We then made a quick pit stop at Kala Ghoda café.
I’m a sucker for vintage signage.
Then, just besides the café this funky yellow scooter caught my eye. It obviously doesn’t run, but it’s a statement piece cum funky seat outside Obataimu.

Obataimu is a small but very creatively designed lifestyle store selling clothes, some books & décor items but most importantly they have working Polaroid cameras & Impossible Project film for Polaroids (the only place in India, for now). I saw a Polaroid SX-70 & SLR 680, retrofitted with funky leather. (I’m regretting not clicking photos of them!) There are also a few plastic Polaroid 600 cameras & The Impossible Project PX 600 Silvershade film (b/w film for Polaroid 600 camera) available there, & they will be getting more varieties of film in October.
This lovely lady is Sian, who you are most likely to meet if you visit the store. We had a great chat about Polaroids, vintage trunks & vintage eyeglasses. Mom thought I had found a kindred spirit in her because we both like artsy / quirky things.

There was a joint painting exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery, we spent some time there looking around, me reminiscing about the time I took painting classes (it was in school & I was pretty bad! It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a paint brush though, maybe I should try again?)

The others went to the museum, but I wasn’t in the mood to go in. I waited by the shady trees outside (thankfully it wasn’t raining!) It was a nice place to wait, there are a lot of street artists on that sidewalk, & tourists too.

I always feel a bit nervous when I’m in charge of showing someone any place they’re new to, it’s a big responsibility. But I think the day was a success. I need to explore the city more. Anyone wanna come with me?