It’s over a year since I last did a funny conversation snippet post, I had a funny conversation with my mom the other day so I thought I should resurrect the feature.

A couple of days ago, mom & me went downstairs in our apartment complex to wait for my dad to arrive. Just as we stepped out, it started to rain heavily….
We stood there in the rain & I realized how my mom hated getting wet & I am exactly like her in that respect. I can’t stand cold water, & have never ever got drenched intentionally. Whenever any of my friends talk about how much fun it is to get drenched in the rain, I always wonder if I’m missing it. So I decided to bring it up.
Me: Look at the heavy rain. Do you know I’ve never got wet in the rain, mom?
Mom: Why would you want to get wet in the rain? Gone mad or what? You get wet while taking a shower anyway.
Me: But getting wet in the rain is different.
Mom: Different how?
Me: People do it for fun… to play.
Mom: Oh you want to play, why don’t you play in the shower?
Some might say mom doesn’t know how to have fun, but then again she makes sense too. Do you like getting wet in the rain?
I’m taking some friends to see the touristy Bombay spots today. I will admit that I’m not very enthused at the thought of it, but I’m hoping for rain to get some rainy photos like the one above, taken last year on film.


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